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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 19, 2013 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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>> sunshine in boston moving out and explain clouds moving in. in this city they're a terrorist on the loose. it's 4:00. here's neil cavuto in new york. >> neil: thank you, bill. you are looking at the city of boston. locked down. its famed transit system shut down. major universities closed. not a whole lot of businesses open. courthouse in cambridge and bridgeton and newton shut. airport service suspended. tonight's boston red sox game postponed. massachusetts governor patrick urging people to, i quote, shelter in place. they need little reminding. very few dare go anyplace. a killer at large in one of the biggest manhunts in history still on, the killer is still out there. which explains why bostonians
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are hunkered down there talk about anxious fridays. last week boston was preparing for a marathon. now all but running for cover. doors locked. windows shut. but in this home of the american revolution, resolve not to let this madness get the best of them so they're following the officials' calls to stay home and make the best of it. what is it like when one of america's largest cities all but stops. peter jennings was jolted awake this morning in watertown and joins us now. peter, that had to be a frightening night for you. how are you doing? >> i'm doing all right. there's helicopters circling and s.w.a.t. teams running in and out of houses. it's verve nerve-racking. >> peeler, i know you probably have been asked to relive lastneath but if you can just update us, what you went through, what you saw, what you
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heard, because they have been following up on it ever since. >> okay. sure. i was actually sound aleap, -- asleep and i hed an extremely loud explosion turn out to be a grenade, followed by gunfire, and i opened window and saw emergency vehicle after emergency vehicle, approximately 40 vehicles heading to the end of the street. like at the end of a fireworks display or gunpowder, and the smell. it was unbelievable. very scary, and something i've never seen before. >> and you probably connected the incident, this had to involve the culprits behind the marathon attacks. right? >> yeah. when i heard the loud noise, that's the first thing thought of, is this related? and unfortunately it is.
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>> neil: peter, you're all right and your family? >> yeah, everyone is hanging in there. just very nerve wracking and so close to home. unbelievable. >> neil: i bet. we were talking about the governor of your state saying, everybody stay indoors, an abundance of caution. don't answer the door to anyone you don't know. is that what you're doing, your neighbors, friends, family are doing? >> yeah. there's no automobile traffic on the street. businesses are closed. it's a ghosttown, and the only time you see people are when there's a s.w.a.t. team moving from one home to the next home. >> peter, be safe. thank you for updating us. we appreciate it. >> thank you very much. >> neil: what's it like to be in the city in the middle of all that, completely shut down to molly line in watertown with the latest from there. molly.
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>> it has been eerie throughout the day. we were here very early in the morning when these developments were happening. just at the end of that chase in which an mbta officer was severely injured and remains hospitalized, and the perimeter seemed to get wider and wider, and we see police presence on every corner of the stay, and the tactical teams are going down each block and they're looking into cars and looking into homes and asking people if they can come into homes in the search for this suspect. and in the meantime, the streets are also so quiet because people are literally staying inside. the watertown authorities have thanked the people in watertown for doing that, and it really is amazing to see so many people stay behind closed doors and have been asked not to answer their doors excepts for a uniformed police officer. so it's quiet, and to see the restaurants shut down. i'm from this community, and all of these restaurants, completely closed. it's like a ghost town. just absolutely warmed with law
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enforcement. >> neil: got to wonder when they postpone a bruins and celtics game, and bostonians take their sports very seriously. obviously that is using an abundance of caution do they feel, molly, that the younger brother is still in that area? i mean, because he could easily have left some time ago. >> it's clear they're take this search seriously. just a few hours ago at the last press conference they said they searched 60 to 70% of the area they wanted to search. and the search is clearly not over. we're seeing police activity and firefighters and every once in a while we see things ramp up and then quiet down a little bit. the people rushing from place to place. so it's clear they do not believe the search in this area is over yet. whether or not they have a strong idea that he has managed to sliout of the area, i couldn't say. they're still working definitely diligently in this area and still pursuing all the leads
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they're get hearing in the watertown area and the surrounding area. >> neil: molly, thank you very much. you heard by now probably ad nauseam the suspects are originally from chechneya. that's a breakaway region from russia that has had a hiory of violence and some of it dramatic violence against moscow subway stations, schools, institutions, you name it. that connection alone has drawn the attention of the federal authorities, is it right to? former cia operative joining us. what do we know that -- it is raise something eyebrows. >> well, chechneya and the north caucuseses are in a state of war with russia. it evolved into a nationalist cause and islamic cause.
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different islamic groups have been active. the she saudis eave pumped in money and religious training. it's part of the international jihad, and it seems to me it's not unreasonable to assume those people attacked us in islamist motivation, and the whole movement declared war on the united states. the north caucuses. so it's not a well-known story but the facts are out there. >> we're looking at video from some of the more enemy recall chechen rebel attacks in russia, including a movie theater, subway station, i think in the case of the movie theater didn't start there but they gathered their eventual victim there even at government buildings in moscow. so some of the more extreme elements have a history of violence, and they're increment senate about -- in industrial
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nat about it -- indies -- indies -- -- they're bad guys. >> any war, russians against russians, is going to be brutal. we have not gotten our brutal the russians were because the russians don't allow the journalists to go into the nrth caucuses but it's an eye for an eye war, and the russias have been fighting the afghans since 198 and we've been there since 2001 so a large number of chef chains are battle trained and able to give instruction to other people -- >> neil: do you think with what happened here? the feeling seemss to be, originally when this happened, we're focusing on those two guys, two brothers, were fairly confident that it's these guys, and by inference only these
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guys. then haired from another -- a number of other security experts who say, well, for them to have carried out what they carried out, they had to have some help. they had to have some others working with them. do you buy that? because that raises the factor of help from chechneya or whatever. >> yeah. i think, neil, looking at the operation, i think two people could have carried that off butf training involved in terms of constructing the bombs, and i think at thened of the day -- >> neil: why do you say there would have too be help if you could do this via a lesson on the internet? >> well, it seems to me those bombs were pretty professionally made. they were not that unstable. and that just would suggest to me -- i could be completely wrong -- that there was some expertise involved, and this one gentleman apparently was in russia for six months last year. so he may have had the
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opportunity to gain that training. >> neil: michael, thank you very much. your expertise always appreciated. the video we're showing you is from the raid and gunfight last night in massachusetts. the hunt is on right now for dzhokar tsarnev. a 19-year-old we're told is on the run. imagine being him. his older brother killed last night. how he escaped is anyone's guess. where he is, anyone's guest. but taking it from fbi officials who are trying to track him down and almost anyone working national security trying to track him down, he is considered very armed, very dangerous, and when it comes to all things terror, all too good. more after this.
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♪ hurry in to your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for 1.99% financing during our certified pre-owned sales event through april 30th. >> neil: the area cordoned off in cambridge, massachusetts, the home of dzhokar tsarnev, his brother, killed last night in what was a shootout that, as i
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said, left the older brother dead but the younger brother very, very much alive. if he was even part of that. another footnote on the younger brother, the suspect that everyone is trying to hunt down. he became a united states citizen on september 11, 2012. we've got bill with us right now in boston. bill, where do you think this stands? what are authorities telling you about the ongoing hunt in cambridge? seems like this is where they're really targeting their efforts. >> indeed they are. specifically the community of watertown. it's not clear to me just yet what the connection is between this terrorist and watertown, massachusetts. it is possible, neil, that when the pursuit happened last night that's just the way the pursuit went. in other words, stuartes -- started across the river in cambridge and went down eight miles west of here and that's
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where they ended up. do they have the guy? we were told at 12:30, between 60 1k3-7 0% of thear they wanted to check out had been checked out. so that leaves you 30 to 40%. this is several hours later now, and you hope and you pray they have him cornered and surrounded. you don't want him to slip the noose, and as a result of this they contacted dartmouth, they cancelled classes. cancelled classes tomorrow. they evacuated the campus, neil. they're getting students out of there and the reason is this. if he is going there or has gone there, and is seeking refuge from friends or students they want to make sure there's no one there to receive him other than authorities and arrest him immediately. we know the older suspect is dead. and he had a green card working in the u.s. he was out of the country for
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six months, said to be in russia. the 19-year-old, was granted asylum in the u.s. in september of 2002 and it was ten years later, as you point out in september of 2012, with the cruel twist of irony, 9-11-12, this past fall, he was granted his citizenship. i just think that is one of the cruelest ironies we have heard throughout the day here. there's been a lot of that for the past five days. >> neil: amazing. a lot of great reporting from you as well. thank you, bill, very much. >> you're welcome. >> neil: a still very active massive crime scene that is now known as boston, massachusetts. we have an expert on all things terrorist. >> part of a cell. >> what makes you say that?
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>> hi, neil. because there are chatters on islamic web sites saying they cannot act alone. they are a member of a larger group of an army of islamists, acting together to bring justice to the islamic nation. even though the attack by itself obviously they put the bomb in their mother's kitchen following the al qaeda instructions on how to make a bomb in your mother's kitchen which appears in inspire magazine. but we believe they did not act alone like mike referred earlier. they have gotten some professional help somehow in putting the bomb together and that's what -- maybe the older brother has been trained in russia when he went back on his trip as part of a bigger operation and they're just an implant in the united states as a part of many like them who are islamists, jihaddists, driven by
1:18 pm
the cause, yet they're operating in a different city. >> neil: there's a big difference between emphasizing and sympathizing with the brothers and claiming credit, the brothers or they, for what happened in boston. are you saying that these sites are beginning now to take credit and responsibility for the attack. they're not taking credit. these guys are part of the islamic -- doing the work they're doing and they must be a part of a larger cell. not only in members but also overseas. >> neil: "the los angeles times" is quoting a neighbor that the younger brother was very upset with america, particularly when america got involved in afghanistan, and in other muslim countries, quoting from the neighbor here. so that i don't know at what point he became upset but that involvement obviously started more than ten years ago.
1:19 pm
so, there is at least a partial peg to some rage there that a lot of people are going to try to seize on. what do you think? >> well, we know that the family left chechneya when the boys were young and actually went to neighboring countries near afghanistan, and from there they came to the united states. so, we know that a large part of their childhood was in that part of the world, and then they came to america. and also, of course, they brought with them the history, the upbringing, their family members, the stories they heard around the dinner table so they are part of feeling as the opressed islamic world, whether it's america or russia, they're fighting the islamis, and a lot of chechneyans fought against our troops w came on the holy jihad to iraq and
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afghanistanighting against america as part of the holy jihad. >> neil: thank you very minute. the question come us up when trying to find out how these could go unnoticees, what would get them noticed. this is an area that appeals to a student who represents more than 100 nations on this planet, drawn to harvard, boston college, northeastern, so many of the finest schools in the world. how could they not, not stand out? the issue of how they assimilad. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew what? (announcer) designed for your st precious cargo. (girl) what? (announcer) the all-new subaru forester. (announcer) designed for your st precious cargo. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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>> nei wherever dzhokar tsarnev is and whatever we are to make from his older brother was all about, we do know that home-grown terrorism, whether
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it's fire from abroad or not, is alive and well in the united states, and that is what worries harvey kushner, who follows these things better than a lot of folks. harvey? explain. >> neil, if this is just an incident involving chechneya, and the concern about that, we've been on this radar screen in terms of chechneya for a while, and against putin and what they have been doing there. this is a worldwide jihad movement. when we that the mujahee in afghanistan -- >> neil: don't know for sure -- well there's a lot of infriends here andhe chechneyan connection, the muslim connection, an anger f the united states' involvement in afghanistan and iraq on the part of the younger brother. no one has made -- >> no one -- >> that's what you far >> that's what i fear.
1:25 pm
no one has made that connection yet. what it tells us is that we now have a group of individuals here possibly, who can move among us. if we didn't see them here we would have never thought that. we have to -- they hit the boston marathon. whether it was a different reason we don't know. that's why it's fortunate get this guy alive and get inside his head. >> neil: other authorities say as much to find out whether he had any help. >> absolutely. >> neil: do you think he did? >> yes, i do. i think he had help -- >> neil: when you say a cell, how big a cell? >> cells are generally small but this is a live kemp this i not just internet chatter. >> neil: how big is a cell? >> there are two brothers, possibly family members. i don't want to indict a family but i imagine the authorities will be investigating that angle, and you hear a lot of
1:26 pm
people say these were normal individuals. you can be normal one day and not normal the next day. this is something that took place, this is planned. this is somebody who -- look, we have to find out where he was. we had reports that one of the brothers was in russia. we don't know. does he have ties to other groups outside the united states? but it just shows you, we just fell into the fabric of the united states and harbor such horrible, horrible desires to harm people. >> neil: all right. harvey, good seeing you, even under these circumstances. thank you. >> catherine herridge has been looking at all those issues. what's the latest? >> thank you, neil. fox news understand all the electronic traffic associated with the brothers is being scoured including the youtube sites with videos
1:27 pm
and islamist propaganda, investigators are looking to see whether the web sites were operated by the brothers and they made to the postings. nothing is being taken for granted in terms of authenticity. we have a third source confirming the travel records are being reviewed and the older brother was out of the use in russian. the fbi wants to understand whether the brothers had overseas train organize were directed by a foreign terrorist organization. fox is told that the bombmakermr who made the devices would have needed practice to build the device with a viable detonator in both cases. fox understands that investigators are eager to execute warrants at the residence but this is being approached with extreme caution given the potential that investigators sigh for booby-trap friday the case, and while no final determination has been made, there's no evidence to support the view the brothers were acting on behalf of the chechneyan cause but the motivation for the actions
1:28 pm
remains wide open. fox is told by investigators they will be looking for computer traffic to the al qaeda weapon mag, inspires, which provides the how-to guide to build the pressure cooker bomb. >> neil: thank you very much. i'm reading these other various wire reports and particularly "the los angeles times" piece on the internet that talks about the older brother, tamerlan who was killed in the firefight with police, saying, and i quote, i don't have a single american friends i cannot understand them. part of a photo essay that showed him training for a boxing competition. even then as a student. a stranger in his homeland. we'll have more. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly
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>> somebody clearly framed them. i don't know who exactly but by framed them and then shot the boy dead. i can't reach anyone. i don't know about my children. i'm scared for my boy. they will shoot him dead, and then just say, he had weapons. where can he get weapons for god's sake? they're picking them up at rubbish dumps or what? i'm scared for my son, for his life. they should arrest him. bring him alive. alive. in the judicial system should
1:33 pm
investigate everything, who is right and who is guilty. >> neil: that's the father of dzhokar tsarnev, still missing out there, still anywhere. trying to find him. the older brother was killed last night in the shootout. we agree on the key legal point, being preferable to catch the brother alive. >> many reasons, you want him alive, want to talk with him, interrogate him, want to know who was he with, who supplied these things? you think about the two young terrorists out there, they couldn't -- it's very unlikely they did everything all of the planning without anyone either knowing about it, helping them, financing them, take taking -- >> neil: why is that a given? it's possible the two brothers working in concert. >> if they don't catch him alive we'll never know. so they want -- i'm sure that
1:34 pm
the federal prosecutors working in concert with the fbi are telling them that exactly. they're not telling them how to conduct the investigation but they're part of the investigation and they're saying, get this guy alive. we want to be able to bring him in, have -- want to know what he knows and we can't do that if he is not alive. >> neil: for all we know they could be surrounding him right now but the word is out to do everything you can to avoid killing him. >> keep him alive. >> neil: when they do this and they track this guy down, then it gets to be an issue of, how we would try and answer that. >> two-part thing. the negotiation with the fbi and law enforcement to get him to turn himself in and the nib can use whatever they want to get him to do that. after then it's up to the prosecution. if he comes forward and there's a lot of information he gives, maybe turns other people over, got -- a good defense lawyer will be in there and say, don't charge him with the death penalty in this one. give him something else if he
1:35 pm
can give you something. >> i want to get -- stay here. former cia operator wayne simmons. you probably said it is crucial that if authorities can they get this 19-year-old alive. do you agree with that? and from the cia's perfect what would be the advantage? >> crucial might be too strong a word but it would be better we get him alive for obvious reasons and he needs to go to a black site we no longer have and we need to find out exactly what the kid knows, and find out what his chain is. as i said recently there was no doubt, there is still no doubt in my mind, that these two men, these two terrorist men, not boys as the press is continuing to say and call them boys -- they're not boys. these are warriors. someone trained them. and i'm sure they, again, still
1:36 pm
had a controller. what their motivation was is not my concern. i can only tell you that the russian special forces, neil, warned us in 2000 that the chechen terrorists, islamic terrorists, were coming against the russians and the united states. they said it would take time for them to get us but they would do it, and by the way, we've seen some of the most vicious, horrible atrocities ever committed coming out of -- from the chechens committed against christians. >> the anger towards the united states started after we essentially took the russian's side in the attacks. so, let's say, then, you have that connection. and you have prior writings or comments from both brothers over
1:37 pm
the course of these years, bemoaning the u.s. involved in afghanistan, sympathy for the chechen rebels. how is that pieced together? >> if we catch him alive and bring this 0 to him. you wrote this, that's one of the ways you interrogate. if we don't get him alive, that's still evidence out there because who is reading it? where are those sources going? who is clicking on to them? getting into the social media. social media, the facebook, twitter ex-is a prosecutor's best friend in this world, it really is. >> neil: i worry about the crazy terrorist, when push comes to shove, they kill themselves. >> that's exactly right and that's a great point, neil. many of us have talk about this. michael and i spoke about that. you corner this guy, he is indoctrinate, and clearly, from all of the press reports and the
1:38 pm
interviews have seen on the personalities of these guys, where everyone continues to tell everyone how wonderful they are and they're special kids and all that nonsense. that tells me that someone gave them very, very special compartmentalized training. you cannot pull off this kind of a heinous attack and no one know about it that is in your immediate area. that hangs out with you or talks with you or sees you. so it is just not feasible, neil. >> neil: thank you very much. we're going to get the latest on what the fbi is up to from a former special agent. we're also going to get an update for you on how this affects action at the corn of wall and broad. for every movement in this there has been a corresponding movement in this. ♪
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>> neil: the scene right now in watertown, massachusetts, effectively a crime scene right now, as one detective was telling us earlier today, all of boston has become a crime scene today. in fact, the legal authorities and investigative authorities are planning another presser scheduled in the next hour. we'll take you to that as soon as it begins. as everyone tries to find exactly where this 19-year-old is right now, because he is considered armed, considered
1:43 pm
dangerous, and right now, he is probably the world's most wanted terrorist, at least that's how authorities and the fbi view him. when they start talking we'll start covering. meantime, i want to alert you to what has been happening. much of the performance this week, although you didn't see much today, by and large was moving back and forth based on gyrations in these developments in boston this week. the dow in all down more than 317 points. i must stress, not exclusively over this, there have been some weak earnings and weak economic numbers, but charlie gas perino,. >> we should point out that businesses are taking into account terrorism as part of their business -- post 9/11. of all the thing wes have to worry about why are we holing so much cash? it's the economy, the financial
1:44 pm
crisis that happened and may happen again. it's terrorism in a post 9/11 world. so this does have an impact on the market. it has been contained because we don't know all the developments, if this is a massive al qaeda terrorist ring. we don't know exactly how this went down, and also they're been other issues to worry about, and this is not like a 9/11 where the markets were closed down for a week. >> neil: if it was linked to al qaeda or islamic extremists, that it shows something more global in nature, terror cells in the united states, fed from abroad. that i imagine would be a bigger worry for wall street. >> that's why they're holding back on the selloff, and that is not just wall street. that's the economy. this one of -- >> neil: gives everybody pause. >> if we're not safe, if we're marginalie safe, businesses arrest back. consumers ratchet back, this could have an economic impact.
1:45 pm
>> neil: charlie, thank you very much to that en, just a reminder, we're live all this weekend on these developments, including 10:00 a.m. to noon tomorrow, following these developments and the link between boston and your money, and again at 4:00 p.m. eastern time tomorrow as well. we will be following all of this, just to connect all these worlds for you here, because as charlie pointed out, there's a lot going on, and a lot on the line. all right, former fbi special agent richard is on the phone with us right now. richard, hearing and seeing everything your hearing and seeing, if it is broader than we think -- in other words, foreign connection, wider cell, linked to nefarious forces abroad, then what? >> i think we have a bigger problem at hand here, neil. what they're trying to do now is you can see the fbi is working greatly with the local, state,
1:46 pm
and other agencies trying to track down the other subject but it's not the key to catch the other subject and capture him. it's the able to try to catch him alive so they can learn more about how this happened. so they can learn mow about how to prevent this in the future. here we have been over the past decade, since 9/11, trying to battle al qaeda. now we have got another islamic extreme just group from chechneya, to attack us on the home front where did they receive training and how do we stop it? >> neil: do you think when it comes to authorities pursuing this, that obviously they know more than they let on at these press conferences. that i can understand. but that there is a concerted effort to do almost everything possible to capture this guy alive. >> certainly. we've learned from his old are brother that he was ready to die as martyr. he was already strapped with
1:47 pm
explosives. whether he was ready to commit s south suicide or not that's unknown. and these are not kids. they're train warriors, individuals who are willing to die for their beliefs, and if they're willing to do that, very difficult to combat that from intelligence or law enforcement stances. >> neil: richards thank you. eric is in watertown where we're waiting to hear from authorities. they're going to update us on i imagine a lot of things. what's the latest? >> we expect an update news conference here in about 40 minutes from now. authorities saying that will be the last news conference of the day, and they have some job. it is beginning to rain here in watertown. they have three hours left of daylight. the sun sets at 7:31, and then they'll have a redo of last night. a desperate manhouse and search,
1:48 pm
house by house, door by door, for dzhokar.
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they are in full battle gear and i believe they have to go house by house until he turns up. >> neil: what if he is nowhere near there and longed skipped town? >> we have a real problem then. i know they shut down amtrak service between new york and boston. that brings up an interesting point here. did these two brothers have any additional help? is this cell larger? as wayne simmons said, who directed them? does he have a safe house to go to. a lot of questions unanswered but this high school has been going on all day. you would think he would be brought in and another question is he going quietly. kitchens, they have a wing of female suicide bombers called the black widows. they mean business. it's a big question whether this
1:54 pm
19-year-old guy is going quietly. >> neil: as a former agent, what do you look for? cases like this, what do you try to piece together? >> going back to your report, i believe hundred percent these two did note work by themselves. if you look at the history of suicide bombs in particular, even a simple case of suicide bombing they have five individuals helping them. >> neil: wouldn't it be grandeur. i'm not minimizing the toll, but the aim for something to be grantor? >> look, look how much disruption is being caused. the whole city of boston is shut down, 9/11 did that. >> neil: they had help. >> they could have a recruiter and there is always recruiter in secular and terrorist groups. >> neil: do you think help is coming likely from abroad. >> i would think so, neil. the chechen movement, it's not a
1:55 pm
separatist movement against russian. it's turned jihadist movement globally. >> neil: there is a lot of breaking news for cutting our time here. we'll get the latest and report from a witness to last night's shooting scene. ♪
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1:59 pm
pressed for time. what did you see? tell us what they wanted to know. >> i was awoken in the early hours to a loud noise, sounded like muscled firecrackers. for a second i kind of thought it was someone -- i don't know, i didn't put two and two together. i had been asleep. i realized there had been a shooting. it only happened a couple blocks away. basically all day it's been police presence up and down the street and everything from -- some hours it's a couple cops to s.w.a.t. teams and u.s. marshals. >> neil: did they suspect or did you hear both brothers were part of that shootout? >> yes. i heard that both brothers were part of the shootout as the s.w.a.t. team was going down the street. i actually overheard telling another officer the second suspect had sustained a gunshot


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